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White Wedding Altar

  Some of the more common queries, made easy:  

I have a specific song in mind for the aisle/registry/recessional.  Do you take requests?

Absolutely!  This is your day, and one key way that your day feels more like your own is through personalised ceremony songs.  Cassidy works with you to collaborate on your dream setlist, and takes requests for those key songs.

How would you describe the style of music you play?

Cassidy is known for her acoustic entertainment: think Norah Jones, Adele, Carole King, and so on.   She plays a mix of classics, modern hits and is great at 're-imagining' songs to fit a wedding set.  


If you'd like more of a run-down, send through a request for a copy of Cassidy's repertoire list. 

Can I add things onto my wedding booking? I'd love a DJ/MC/personalised song/fire twirler*.

You sure can.  Cassidy has built a straightforward package system, customisable to all budgets and events.   She has a number of add-ons for later into your event, and can build a custom package for you pretty easily.

*Cassidy cannot, despite her best efforts, conceivably offer fire twirling at events, lest someone's nanna accidentally get a bit crispy.

Tell us about your cat.

With pleasure.

Scully* is almost seven years old, and her parents were almost certainly siblings.  She has the turn-out of a ballerina and the IQ of a goldfish, but she is loved dearly.  She is currently an only child.^

*She was initially named Pascal, as in the chameleon from Tangled, but that proved difficult to say without feeling silly.  She quickly became Scully, as in Brooklyn 99 (but she doesn't mind if your first thought was Scully, as in X-Files).

^Scully and her mother are working on bringing a dog into the fold, but the only man in their house is proving difficult to convince.

How can we check in with you before the wedding?

Great question!  


Cassidy uses an online booking system after you have confirmed your date.  This gives you the ability to lock yourself in to her calendar for a 30-minute initial wedding consultation.  Prior to the meeting, you can provide Cassidy with as much or as little detail is available to you at that stage, including song requests and your must-haves for the big day.

Cassidy will continue to check in with you and stay connected, right up until the big day.  Your live music is a reflection of you and who you are, and the more connected Cassidy is with you, the better she can reflect you on the day!

Do you travel?

Yes!  Cassidy regularly plays weddings and events across the country.  

Realistically, if a PA system can be supplied by you or the venue, then that makes things really easy.  If not, however, mention that, and Cassidy can factor in the hire and supply of a PA system for your event.

Reach out today with all your exotic details!

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